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Choosing Between Traditional and Modern Educational Toys

Written by Mama's Home


Posted on August 18 2014

Choosing the best educational toys for your child can be overwhelming. Do you get the traditional wooden building blocks or the singing frog reciting the alphabet? Toys were definitely simpler back when we were growing up. Now they have put louder, flashier and more mobile toys on the market.

A good toy should engage the child’s mind and foster creative and interactive play. They should be ‘open-ended’ to encourage your child to use their imagination. The following are a few things you can consider when choosing between traditional or modern educational toys:

A child’s brain is like a sponge, ready to soak up every piece of new information. It’s important to provide children with toys that enhance cognitive development, which refers to how children learn and process information. Traditional toys, such as shape sorters or puzzles involve problem solving, thinking, mental imagery and memory development. There are some modern, battery operated toys suited to developing these skills, however you’ll find many of the traditional toys have stood their ground next to their modern counterparts. Toys that involve counting, memory, sorting and sequencing will teach and encourage the child to approach a problem calmly and solve it creatively.

Toys can improve social skills through imaginative role play. Whether your child is alone or in a small group, encouraging social interaction with educational toys is a great way to teach cooperative and independent play.  There are many child friendly equivalents of domestic tools including wooden kitchen equipment, tool boxes and phones. When children play with these toys it encourages them to create real life scenarios and develop creative story lines.

Most traditional educational toys will develop the child’s fine and gross motor skills. Shape sorters and building blocks encourage the child to use hand to eye coordination such as picking an object up and putting it down. Modern toys that are battery operated and give the toys mobility will encourage the child to crawl or walk after the moving toy.

At the end of the day, you want to provide your children with toys that stimulate their minds, encourage social interaction and develop hand-eye coordination. All of Mama’s Home products are handpicked by the owner, who is also an Educational and Developmental Psychologist to provide educational toys that are long lasting, provide quality interaction and can nurture the development and learning for every child.



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