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Picking the Perfect Baby Gift

Written by Lamb Agency


Posted on October 08 2014

When it comes to choosing baby presents for a boy or girl, you need to consider whether you want it to be useful such as nappies or more sentimental like a trinket box.  Forget the nursery furniture, strollers and car seats. These are best left to the parents to choose and buy themselves unless they have a particular one in mind. The following baby present ideas provide a good mix of practicality and sentimentality. 

Up to 24 months, babies go through a lot of onesies, so it’s a convenient and practical option. It’s also a good idea to provide a couple of size options as infants grow quickly!

Mums can never get enough of these. They are an extremely handy gift idea that makes nap time easier and provides a great surface to set your baby down.

Nappies alone can be quite a boring, yet practical gift. However, put the nappies in a trendy baby bag and you’ve already enhanced its practicality and appeal.

Books are a wonderful gift that can stay in the lives of a newborn until they reach adulthood. You can write a nice personalised message in the front cover to give it more sentimental value.

Mums need to relax and sometimes they don’t know how to put themselves first. Give them a reason to pamper with some nice shower gel and body butter.

Money and trinket boxes are a lovely keepsake that can be treasured for many years. Money boxes provide the perfect place for tooth fairy money and trinkets to keep treasure safe. 

Instead of buying a plush toy, you can think ahead with some educational toys, such as building blocks or a puzzle to help nurture the development and learning for the child. 

A photo album makes for a wonderful keepsake for any parent so they can record all of the important moments of their baby’s life, filling it with milestones and photos.

If you want to make your gifts stand out, Mama’s Home offers an extensive selection of practical and sentimental options making buying your baby gifts online or in-store is hassle free.



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