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Themed and Functional: Decorating your Kids Room

Written by Mama's Home


Posted on November 08 2014

Decorating your child’s bedroom is about finding a balance between fun and functionality. It should be a space for them to play, sleep and relax. If you’re not sure where to start, the following are a few tips for your kid’s bedroom décor:

The first and most practical addition to any bedroom is the furnishings. Before you get carried away with décor and toys, you need a good foundation. Think a solid bed that will last years to come, good storage for toys and clothes and other additional pieces like chairs and desks for you and your child to use. Make it a little more fun with cute bed covers and stick to a consistent colour scheme that will not dirty easily.

Lighting is essential in any well designed room. It opens up the space and for little kids, adds some safety from the monsters at night! There are lots of different lighting ideas you can use to make it more fun, from fawn and bunny lamps to toadstools and pineapples. Don’t forget to invest in a night light if your child is still getting used to sleeping alone in the dark.

A great way to decorate your child’s bedroom while also making it easier to change as they grow is with wall stickers. Wall stickers can easily and quickly change up any room and can be taken off just as simply when you feel like a change. From cute critters and robots to mirror stickers and wall dots, there is something for every room and age!

Kids bedroom décor is about making it fun while still maintaining comfort. If your child’s bedroom has hard flooring, it is important to ensure they put their little feet on something warm while playing or when they get out of bed. This is where rugs are essential. Whether it is a simple striped piece or a rug resembling a fat-tummied bear, it’s easy to incorporate rugs into the room.

Learning starts at home and the best way to learn is to have fun while doing so! There are lots of great toys that can stimulate and educate and making play educational is a great way to help your little one grow. Try a few different kinds of toys and books to see what sparks their interest and give them variety.

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