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Maternity Fashion – Supporting Your Needs before and after Pregnancy

Written by Mama's Home


Posted on June 11 2017

When you think of maternity clothing, what comes to mind for you?  Some people conger images of 1970’s tent dresses… oh my lord they were hideous, others conger images of lack luster clothing for when you are feeling at your worst and most uncomfortable.  Well that all needs to change, I have seen first hand the amazing fashion that comes from several Australian maternity clothing companies and their styles are modern, comfortable, functional, and meets the needs of all stages of pregnancy and beyond whilst you gain your shape back and feed your precious newborn.

Maternity fashion mirrors the trends and styling of ladies fashion, and why shouldn’t it.  Just because you at expecting a baby and your body changes, why shouldn’t you look as stylish, classic and trendy as you always do, through the nine months and beyond.  At Mama’s Home we stock several brands with this criteria of stylish, on-trend, modern and functional maternity clothing.  

Our favourite Australian maternity brands at Mama’s Home are easily Ripe Maternity and Pea in a Pod Maternity.  These two brands pride themselves for being on-trend, functional and stylish.  You can easily take these clothes from day time casual or work, through to an evening out.

There are so many things I love about these brands, but of high importance is that you can buy these items early in your pregnancy and you can still be wearing them at the end and for months after, even years.  If you seek assistance in store you can be guided well with quality purchases, that will last.  You don’t need to send a fortune! 

Buy key pieces and these will last and serve you well.

Our staff at Mama’s Home are well trained in fittings, style and function of maternity fashion.  Come in store for fittings and assistance or shop on-line.



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