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The Perfect Maternity Jeans Fit by Mama's Home

Written by Mama's Home


Posted on June 11 2017

Maternity Jeans shopping doesn’t have to be a nightmare.  Before going in store at Mama’s Home or buying through Mama’s Home online, there are several things you need to know and keep in mind when buying maternity jeans:

  • How far along are you? Will you need your jeans to fit for the next 6-months and until after the baby has arrived, or are you at the end of your pregnancy now? 
  • Do you feel more comfortable with under the belly or over the belly fitting jean?
  • What colour are you looking for- light blue denim, dark blue denim, black or white. SO many options for you… the sky is the limit.
  • What kind of leg or cut are you after? Skinny leg, ankle grazer, boot leg cut?
  • Fabric… stretchy or firm… I always things stretchy is the best way to go during pregnancy… COMFORT is key!
  • Your price range? Are you on a strict budget or are you able to spend a little more.  Our jeans from from $99.95 through to $199.95.

You can never beat in store assistance and fittings.  If you are not able to get in, please always feel  free to ring in store at Mama’s Home on 07 3357 3333 and speak to one of our friendly customer service members. 



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