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To Buy or Not to Buy Organic Baby Products and Clothing

Written by Mama's Home


Posted on June 11 2017

For many people to buy organic is an absolute must, from the food they eat to the clothes they wear, even to the sheets they sleep on at night.  For others they think, no it isn’t for us it to too expensive, we cannot afford it or why bother, we are not hippies.

For me personally I buy organic food where I possibly can, to reduce the chemicals and hormones in the food my family are eating.  My children are no longer babies, and I didn’t dress them in organic clothes as a baby, however if it was an option then and the prices the same as they are today (certainly reducing in cost), I probably would have.  Many people probably would ask, why would you do this?

Quite simply (referring to only cotton at the moment) organic cotton is generally understood to be grown from non genetically modified plants, that are believed to be grown without the use of any synthetic agricultural chemical such as fertilisers and pesticides. If it is an option to reduce the chemicals in our home, on our bodies and the chemicals we allow into our bodies, why not.

People tend to think of organic items as pricey, and in some instances yes they are, however they are some brands that we stock here at Mama’s Home that are reasonably priced and no more expensive than the other leading brands on the market.  Three brands come to mind that fit this criteria particularly, they are Tiny Twig, Purebaby, and Lazybones.  These three brands are all organic, have the correct certification needed to represent this high standard for the Australian consumer, reasonably priced and the part I personally like the best, they are Australian Companies.

At Mama's Home we don't just stop at organic clothing, we stock the most beautiful ranges of organic baby products as well as pre-natal and post-natal body products from the brand Little Bairn.  They are deliciously divine and best of all organic and in the case of Salt by Hendrix, vegan as well. 

As Lazybones quoted, “Better for Us, Better for our Planet”.  I agree in this wholeheartedly!




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