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Honeybee Ballerina Two Times Tutu Music Box

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Open the lid of this gorgeous children's music box to see the ballerina dance to the tune of "Beautiful Dreamer".  A magical place to store tiny treasures. Illustrated with soft water colour pink and green garden, and a dog in a tutu illustrations, this music box will be cherished for many years.

Children's music boxes are beautifully made with:

  • charmingly illustrated laminated graphics
  • flocked paper that feels like velvet within
  • an assortment of drawers for storing all sorts of precious possessions, jewellery and secret treasures
  • hinged top that  flips open to reveal a mirror
  • twirling figure circles around to the enchanting music when the rear key is wound

These music boxes will be treasured for many years and maybe kept long after childhood!

Dimensions: 15 x 10 x 15 cm 

Age group: 3 and above

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