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2022 Family Chaos Planner

$24.95 AUD

Bring the calm into the chaos of family life! Appointments, deadlines, playdates, activities, you name it – it never ends! Hang it from its hanger hook and you can see where everyone has to be at a quick glance. With 6 columns for family members and / or for special dates.

Also features extra pages for school holiday planning, contacts and birthdays and presents. The way this planner works is that each family member owns a column. Each appointment, date, activity that belongs to that person is noted in their column. You can see where everyone needs to be at the one glance. If you have spare columns you can use them for birthdays, date nights, occasions or even your pets can own a column for vet visits and treatments. If you want to be creative use a different colour for each person!

297 x 420mm

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